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Pointed Sword

Pointed Sword - Synopsis

This is a novel of China at a time in her history when she fought a war that was not of her choosing. Having seized Manchuria and other northern Chinese provinces, Japan, in 1937 launched an undeclared war southwards into China's heartland.

This story is about a number of people who find themselves directly or indirectly drawn into this conflict.

Han Chih, a peasant farmer, taking on the role of a soldier after an attack by a Japanese raiding party that destroyed his village and slaughtered his family. Ruth McRae, a doctor from Canada who volunteers to journey to China in order to treat Chinese war casualties. Still Willows, a girl in her late teens of a cultured Shanghai family who chooses to leave her home to attend the wounded on China's brutal battlefields. Chuck Ashman, an American transport pilot under contract to fly for the Chinese. Ann Lin, a victim of Japanese savagery on their entry into Nanking and sworn to take revenge for her butchered family. And Mark Ellison, an Englishman working for an English trading company but also a witness to the horror of Nanking. For which he was determined to seek reprisal for the murder of those who's freindship he had treasured.

Each to find their destiny linked to that of a Brigade of coarse but steadfast provincial soldiers from the shores of the China Sea who called themselves, Pointed Sword.

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